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    The Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is a non-profit organisation supporting the management and conservation of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, working closely with government partners as well as the communities bordering the forest.


    We have an efficient and modern management ethos adapted to conservation objectives, while contributing to the development of local communities and Eco-tourism. We align our future plans to provide full support to the existing strategic plans, management plans and annual work plans that have been put in place to guide Kenya Forest Service and its partners in managing the forest.

    Our vision is that the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest becomes a place where the diversity of life thrives and resilient communities benefit from and contribute to the success of the nature surrounding them in a holistic way.

    Our mission is to ensure the optimum professional management of the forest, building upon a strong foundation with appropriate management practices, funding and good governance to secure the future of the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, which is valued by communities that embrace and benefit from its biodiversity and integrity.


    The Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest was launched by local residents who had a passion, a vision and who were actively involved in the Forest in 1999, as a Working Group of Nature Kenya, to advocate and offer support and technical advice for the conservation and to raise awareness about the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.

    In 2001, a community based organisation was formed and was active until 2007 when due to a number of policy changes relating to the forest the focus diminished and the Friends of Arabuko Sokoke Forest became inactive.

    In 2014 a company CAMAC Energy (now Erin Energy) announced that they were planning to conduct seismic surveys for oil and gas. This prompted some past members of the Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest to re-launch. Lead by Nature Kenya a working group was re-established in 2015, and a full re-launch took place in 2016 where it was decided to protect this unique and internationally renowned forest. Over the time, we recognised the need for the organisation to expand and grow. In 2019, Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest (after 21 years of its existence) became a Company Limited by Guarantee, not for profit.  The organisation decided to radically change its path and become a major partner of the Government, represented by Kenya Forest Service in the management of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.



    Adhere to strong moral and ethical principles, while building trust with our partners, donors and supporters, as well as communities with whom we work.


    Partnerships are key for achieving long-lasting conservation of the forest and livelihood impact.

    Efficiency & Effectiveness

    Timely implementation of the plans and programmes so as to achieve the desired objectives.


    Make sure, that communities adjacent to the forest understand their rights and principles of sustainable use of natural resources.


    All staff is accountable for their actions, exercise diligence to all duties assigned and ensure optimum use of resources.



    Miss Deborah Goodhart

    Deborah was born in Kenya and until 2014 when she returned to live in Malindi, she was a communications specialist in the health sector in UK. Joined the National Health Service in 1991 after working for 11 years as a public relations consultant to blue chip companies in the UK and abroad. Deborah brings to the Board a deep commitment and a passion for conservation.

    Dr Rose Kigathi
    Department of Biological Sciences

    Rose is a senior lecturer at Pwani University, Kilifi in the Department of Biological Sciences where she lectures in plant physiology, ecology and biostatistics. She holds a PhD in Ecology from the Friedrich-Schiller-University, M.Sc. in International Horticulture from the Leibniz University and BSc. in Horticulture from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. She is a fellow of the African Women in Agriculture and Development where she gained training and experience in mentoring, peer coaching and leadership through the fellowship.


    Mr Tukero Ole Kina

    Tukero Ole Kina (Chairman) is a prominent Malindi advocate of the High Court of Kenya and environmentalist. He is also chairing the Board of Bambakofi Academy, chairing the Management Committee of the Malindi Golf and Country Club and in 2018 he joined as the Chair of the Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest. For him, our remit here is pure and simple, to promote the protection of this gem, for ourselves and for the future generations.

    Andy Thomas
    Mr Andy Thomas
    Captain Andy’s Fishing Supply Ltd

    Markéta’s passion for conservation and experience in protected areas management, law-enforcement and wildlife management from different African countries allows her to professionally lead the development of long-term organisation's strategy and to ensure the organisation is in good operational shape.



    Markéta Antonínová
    PhD, Chief Executive Officer

    Markéta’s passion for conservation and experience in protected areas management, law-enforcement and wildlife management from different African countries allows her to professionally lead the development of long-term organisation's strategy and to ensure the organisation is in good operational shape.

    Mlati Ochieng
    Field & Administrative Manager

    Mlati oversees the field operations, including relationships with our government partners and communities. Mlati is an environmental scientist and entrepreneur with extensive experience in wildlife conservation, Environmental Impact Assessment and conservation enterprise development. Mlati holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from the University of Nairobi and a Master of Science in Ecology from Kenyatta University.

    Joseph Kanundu
    Law Enforcement Officer

    Joseph represents an accomplished community member who obtained a Diploma in environmental management from the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute. He started his career as a volunteer, to become a research assistant, community resource facilitator and scout. He is responsible for our law enforcement operations, including all aspects of scout’s deployment.

    Hamude Jumaan
    Finance Officer

    Hamude is a result oriented, proactive and tenacious accounting and finance professional with 15 years experience in compiling and analysing financial information. She is dedicated to building financial knowledge at all levels in the organisation to ensure financial sustainability.


    The Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest would like to thank to our partners, donors and friends for supporting our work to protect the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest. Our conservation impact would not be possible without you! With your future support, we will be able to achieve more and plan for the future.

    Government partners 

    Our work would not be possible without them. The stronger our relationship is, the more successful we are together.


    National Museums of Kenya is a multi-disciplinary institution whose role is to collect, preserve, study, document and present Kenya’s past and present cultural and natural heritage. They directly support KIPEPEO butterfly farming project and honey production and processing.

    Kenya Forestry Research Institute undertakes research on trees, forest diseases, tree breeding, species trials and their documentation and dissemination. They are part of the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest management team.

    Kenya Wildlife Service works side by side with Kenya Forest Service in the forest, with the primary responsibility to protect and monitor the wildlife living in and around the forest, and to address any wildlife conflict with the community around the forest. Kenya Wildlife Service is also responsible for the maintenance of electric fence surrounding the forest. .  They are part of the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest management team.

    African Fund for Endangered Wildlife is Kenyan non-profit organisation whose main purpose is to educate Kenyan school children and youth on their country’s wildlife and environment, as well as give local and international visitors an opportunity to come into close contact with the world’s tallest species, the giraffe.

    Strategic partners – our core funding partners.


    Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Management Team is a multi-institutional management entity created in 1993 to coordinate conservation activities in the forest.

    Community Forest Associations established in three different management units: Gede, Jilore and Sokoke. Community Forest Associations represents interest of local communities in participation in forest management, sustainable use of natural resources as well as awareness raising about the forest ecosystem services and its biodiversity values.

    Minara Foundation was established in 2016 following the wish of its founder to support small to medium-sized organisations in their constant pursuit of the protection and preservation of the environment and wildlife.


    Oak Foundation is family-led and reflects the vision and values of its founders. In all its work Oak pursues rights-based approaches, gender equality and partnership with the organisations we fund. They support civil society as a pillar of democracy and justice and nurture innovation and visionary leadership within it. They value diversity both within Oak and among our partners;  seek to be inclusive, flexible and engage with different points of view. They believe that the best grant-making reflects both careful due diligence and the willingness to take risks.


    The Thin Green Line Foundation Protects Nature’s Protectors by providing vital support to Park Rangers and their communities who are the front-line of conservation. They are the only organisation solely dedicated to providing Rangers worldwide with the assistance they deserve and need. As the official charity arm of the International Ranger Federation, TTGLF has unparalleled access to Rangers worldwide.

    Captain Andy’s is a private company based in Watamu, Kenya providing complete maritime solutions. Its director and our Board member, Andy Thomas and his wife Erica supports financially and technically our organisation as well as several forest stakeholders, including government partners and communities. Their vision is a well-protected forest benefiting wildlife and communities around it.


    Contact us to discuss how your organization can support our work to protect and conserve Arabuko-Sokoke Ecosystem