About us

About us

Our vision

Our vision is that the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest becomes a place where the diversity of life thrives and resilient communities benefit from and contribute to the success of the nature surrounding them in a holistic way.

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure the optimum professional management of the forest, building upon a strong foundation with appropriate management practices, funding and good governance to secure the future of the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, which is valued by communities that embrace and benefit from its biodiversity and integrity.

Our Core Values


Adhere to strong moral and ethical principles, while building trust with our partners, donors and supporters, as well as communities with whom we work.


Partnerships are key for achieving long-lasting conservation of the forest and livelihood impact.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Timely implementation of the plans and programmes so as to achieve the desired objectives.


Make sure, that communities adjacent to the forest understand their rights and principles of sustainable use of natural resources.


All staff is accountable for their actions, exercise diligence to all duties assigned and ensure optimum use of resources.

Our History

The Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest was launched by local residents who had a passion, a vision and who were actively involved in the Forest in 1999, as a Working Group of Nature Kenya, to advocate and offer support and technical advice for the conservation and to raise awareness about the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.

In 2001, a community based organisation was formed and was active until 2007 when due to a number of policy changes relating to the forest the focus diminished and the Friends of Arabuko Sokoke Forest became inactive.

In 2014 a company CAMAC Energy (now Erin Energy) announced that they were planning to conduct seismic surveys for oil and gas. This prompted some past members of the Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest to re-launch. Lead by Nature Kenya a working group was re-established in 2015, and a full re-launch took place in 2016 where it was decided to protect this unique and internationally renowned forest. Over the time, we recognised the need for the organisation to expand and grow. In 2019, Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest (after 21 years of its existence) became a Company Limited by Guarantee, not for profit.  The organisation decided to radically change its path and become a major partner of the Government, represented by Kenya Forest Service in the management of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.


Board of Directors

Management Team