Forest Protection

Forest Protection


As a natural resource, the forest has attracted a lot of interest, some regrettably deleterious, and as a result, Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest have come up to aid in its protection. We currently operate our law enforcement teams in partnership with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). Our law enforcement provides the much-needed protection for the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest ecosystem which is threatened by chronic habitat destruction and bushmeat poaching.


Foot patrols

We employ team of dedicated community scouts to patrol the forest day and night to keep the forest safe. They employ various techniques to investigate and follow-up on potential threats and liaise with Kenya Forest Service and Kenya Wildlife Service to achieve maximum results.

Snare removal

Together with community forest associations we organise de-snaring actions with objective to remove maximum number of snares from one area. Snaring is a cheap and indiscriminate method of poaching threatening several wildlife species in the forest.

Data collection

Our teams collect data using CyberTracker and SMART interface to provide clear visuals of the illegal activities hotspots and these are used to target areas for foot patrols and investigative actions.

Training and equipment

All our scouts underwent thorough training on field operations and related skills and additional refresher training is provided when needed. Proper and frequent training is one of the most important elements of creating an able and well-disciplined law enforcement team to counter illegal activities.

Support to our government partners

Kenya Forest Service and Kenya Wildlife Service are our main partners in the forest, and we work together every day! Our scouts’ teams are usually accompanied by their rangers, they handle suspects and transport confiscated material. We support their field operations by providing fuel and sometimes maintenance for their vehicles.



KM patrolled on foot


Suspects arrested


Snares removed